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Our mission is to spread the word of God through our products and create natural skincare without harmful ingredients or harsh preservatives, sourced from reputable and reliable wholesalers.

Our Name

We are a family business, everyone plays a special part when it comes to With Love, our two boys even help out (as long as food and snacks are involved). Each product is handcrafted in small batches, and with the finest ingredients. Being that we are a spiritual family we were inspired by bible verse 1 Corinthians 16:14, “Do all things with love”. When incorporating With Love into your daily pampering routine we wanted our supporters to know that they are treating their body "With Love" and covering it with the full armor of God at the same time.  

How We Started

With Love Body, LLC was born in late 2016, not even knowing I wanted to start a business, I would spend countless hours on Pinterest looking for a simple DIY that could soothe our son Kingston’s eczema. Store products never seemed to work and trips to the dermatologist for thick creams were not soothing his itchy dry skin. I initially started with a bath bomb, then experimented with lotion, scrubs, body oils, you name it. The power of social media is pretty amazing, I would post the things I made for our family and my friends would inquire about pricing and share our posts.

About a year in, I would say we had just about every essential oil, butter, flowers, carrier oils, anyone would need to make a skincare product to suit one's needs. Steven would always say we need men’s bodycare products. That’s when he decided to join the family business and took over all things for our men’s products. We hit the ground running doing research on the best ingredients and products that would help treat common skincare problems that a lot of men suffer with.

Thanks again for stopping here and taking some time out to get to know With Love!

-Steven and Kendra Hunt

Meet the Team


"My favorite product is the Utility Balm because it keeps my skin and beard moisturized all day."


"I love the Halcyon bath bomb because it has the relaxing scent of lavender and it softens my skin."


"My favorite product is the Angelic Body Butter because I love the way it smells. I also love that I can use on my face and hair."


"I like everything but all the bath bombs are my fav because they make baths better."

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